September, 2015: It's Back to School…But is Your Child's School a Healthy Place?
Grassroots has issued a simple three-point checklist for parents of school-age children to help them determine if their child's school environment is as healthy as it can be.
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July, 2015: Doctors Caution Pregnant Women about Wireless Radiation. More than 100 medical doctors and public health experts from around the world have signed a Joint Statement advising pregnant women to take precautions to protect themselves and their babies from wireless radiation. Read the press release.

March, 2015: Guidelines for Safer Use of Wireless Technology in Classrooms Announced. Grassroots, working with medical and technical experts, has developed a set of guidelines for teachers using wireless technology in their classrooms. The Guidelines were presented to the Health and Safety Conference of the New York State United Teachers earlier this month. Read the press release.

January 2015: Suffolk County Passes Legislation to Warn Visitors of Wireless Radiation Exposure. Grassroots brought the emerging science to County legislators, who passed a law requiring every county building to post a notice about wireless technology.
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December 2014: Grassroots Hails Governor Cuomo’s Decision to Ban Fracking in New York. Grassroots was a key player in the decision to ban fracking in New York State because of its potential health impacts. Read the press release.

November, 2014: Grassroots Announces the “Jump In!” Campaign. Grassroots has been funded by the Long Island Community Foundation to create a consumer awareness information campaign about Long Island’s water problems.
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June, 2014: Grassroots and Environmental Health Trust Announce The BabySafe Project. Our new public awareness campaign is designed to inform pregnant women of the potential risks of wireless radiation, and provides simple steps they can take to reduce their baby’s exposure. Visit the website.  Read the press release.

May, 2014: Grassroots Works With Suffolk and Other Counties to Ban Fracking Waste. Working with legislators in counties across New York, Grassroots provided decision makers with scientific backup and sample legislative language to prohibit the use, sale, storage or disposal of fracking waste. Read the press release.

February, 2014: Grassroots Produces New Video For County Legislators. The new video, called “No Second Chance,” examines the deliberations of local county legislators who have enacted legislation prohibiting fracking waste in their counties. Watch the video.

January, 2014: Grassroots Spearheads Radio Advertising Campaign on Fracking Waste in Connecticut.  In an effort to educate the public about the potential dangers posed by the importation, sale, storage or processing of fracking waste, Grassroots led a coalition of groups supporting a targeted radio campaign in Connecticut. Read the press release.

November, 2013: Grassroots Honors Westchester County Legislators for Fracking Waste Ban.  In a ceremony at Wainwright House in Rye, Grassroots honored four key legislators for their work in passing legislation prohibiting the use, sale, storage or processing of fracking waste anywhere in the county. Read the press release.

November 2013: Grassroots Joins Connecticut Coalition Against Fracking Waste.  Joining with other non-profits in Connecticut, Grassroots establishes “Don’t Waste Connecticut” on Facebook. 250 people join up in the first five days. Visit the Facebook page.

June 2013: Grassroots Selected to Train School Personnel in Non-Toxic Turf Management.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, under a grant from the US EPA, has selected Grassroots to provide a series of one-day training sessions for school and day care center personnel across New York State. Read the press release.

February 2013: NY Faith Leaders Urge Peers to Speak Out On Fracking in New Film.Grassroots has produced a new documentary film in which faith leaders from across New York State talk about our role as stewards of the earth, and the responsibility we share to protect it from the harm caused by fracking. Read the press releaseWatch the video.

December 2012: Grassroots Creates “30 Days of Fracking Regs” with Dr. Sandra Steingraber. Biologist and author Dr. Sandra Steingraber and Grassroots have teamed up to create a new online initiative called “Thirty Days of Fracking Regs” which helps participants understand and comment on the regulations proposed by DEC for fracking in New York State. Read the press release.

November 2012: Grassroots Releases Report on Radiation Threat from Fracking.  A new report issued by Grassroots and authored by a former staff scientist for the National Council on Radiation Protection concludes that horizontal hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale region of New York State is likely to produce significantly higher amounts of radioactive waste than previously believed, and that the New York State DEC has not demonstrated the ability to properly analyze the potential impact of radiation exposure or take adequate steps to protect the public. Read the press releaseRead the Report.

October 2012: Following Meetings With NYS DEC and DOH, Grassroots Releases Summary Report. Grassroots has released a report entitled “Human Health Risks and Exposure Pathways of Proposed Horizontal Hydrofracking in New York State” based on meetings in Albany with senior officials from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Health and the Governor’s office. Read the press releaseRead the Summary Report.

July 2012: Grassroots Provides Independent Science on Hydro Fracking to NY Governor Cuomo.Grassroots has compiled a digest of independent, peer-reviewed studies and articles related to hydraulic fracturing for natural gas (“fracking”). The digest was delivered to Governor Cuomo’s office on behalf of a group of medical doctors and scientists who have requested a meeting with the Governor. Read the press releaseLinks to the studies.

April 2012: Grassroots Creates the Helping to Heal Foundation Grassroots has announced the formation of a new foundation to support the distribution of a new book for the parents of children with life-threatening illness, written by Grassroots Executive Director Patti Wood. Read the press releaseVisit the Helping to Heal web site.

October 2011: Grassroots Joins Coalition for A Million Fracking Letters Grassroots has joined with other environmental organizations in New York State to support a new campaign of radio spots aimed at generating letters to Governor Cuomo about the controversial gas drilling technique. Read the press release.

October 2011: Grassroots Announces the “Cell Phone Card.” Grassroots has published a handy information card for parents that provides basic scientific information about radiation from cell phones and suggestions for steps families can take to protect their children from unnecessary exposures. Read the press releaseView the card.

August 2011: Back to School: The ABCs of Cell Phones and Kids. Independent research continues to show health risks associated with exposure to RF radiation emitted by cell phones, and kids are particularly vulnerable. Grassroots has developed five rules every parent should teach their kids about cell phone use. Read the press release.